Exploring the KEA DHCP Server in pfSense+ 23.09

Do not use KEA DHCP after 50 days, I got a lot of problems and my devices did not come on the internet and also not got the right IPs.
So I had to switch back to the old ISC DHCP again.

Warning – KEA DHCP is not working 100% in 23.09.1

With the release of pfSense+ 23.09, a significant transition in DHCP services is on the horizon. The move from the traditional ISC DHCP server to the modern KEA DHCP is not just a change; it’s an upgrade that brings several benefits and improvements.

Why Switch to KEA DHCP?

  1. Deprecated ISC DHCP: The ISC DHCP server is now deprecated, signaling a shift towards more advanced and supported solutions like KEA.
  2. Simple Transition Process: You can easily switch to KEA DHCP via System > Advanced > Networking in the pfSense+ interface. A simple toggle from ISC DHCP to KEA DHCP is all it takes, maintaining the simplicity of the process.
  3. No Reboot Required: Remarkably, switching to KEA DHCP doesn’t necessitate a system reboot. This feature ensures minimal disruption in network services.

Key Considerations for Migration

  1. Automatic Migration: pfSense+ is engineered to seamlessly migrate your existing DHCP settings to KEA DHCP, preserving configurations like IP ranges and reservations.
  2. Manual Verification: It’s prudent to manually check that all settings have correctly transferred and KEA DHCP operates as expected.
  3. Advanced Configurations: KEA DHCP offers more flexibility, which might necessitate some manual adjustments for complex configurations.
  4. Documentation and Community Support: Leverage pfSense documentation and forums for any migration challenges or questions.
  5. Backup Your Configuration: Always backup your current configuration before making significant changes like this.

Enhancements with KEA DHCP

KEA DHCP is not just a replacement but an enhancement. It offers:

  1. Unified Configuration: KEA integrates dynamic ranges and static mappings more cohesively.
  2. Static Mappings in Dynamic Range: Static mappings can now coexist within the dynamic range, optimizing address space utilization.
  3. Flexibility in Assignments: KEA allows dynamic and fixed address assignments within the same pool, offering greater flexibility.
  4. Improved Management and Performance: Expect easier management and better performance with KEA, along with advanced features suitable for complex networks.

Post-Migration Steps

After the migration:

  1. Monitor Service Status: Check Status > Dashboard to confirm KEA DHCP service is up and running.
  2. Adjust Watchdog Settings: Update your service watchdog to monitor KEA DHCP instead of the old ISC service.
  3. Review Notifications: Keep an eye on notifications for any alerts related to DHCP service.

In summary, the transition to KEA DHCP in pfSense+ 23.09 is a straightforward yet impactful change. It simplifies the DHCP management while offering improved performance and flexibility. Remember to verify settings post-migration and enjoy the new capabilities of your upgraded system!

Knud ;O)