Effortless Upgrade to pfSense+ 23.09 on Netgate 1100: A Quick Guide


Hello, tech enthusiasts! Knud here with a must-know update for all pfSense+ users, especially those with Netgate 1100. The latest release, 23.09, is here, and it’s packed with significant changes and upgrades.

Upgrading to pfSense+ 23.09: Step-by-Step

  1. Initiate the Update: Access the pfSense+ dashboard, and click the ‘Update’ button under the ‘Version’ section.
  2. Backup Is Key: Before updating, navigate to ‘Diagnostics’ then ‘Backup & Restore’ for a necessary backup.
  3. Patience Pays Off: Expect the update to take around 15 minutes. So, relax, and let it complete.

What’s New in 23.09?

  1. PHP Upgrade: PHP has been upgraded to version 8.2.11, ensuring better performance and security【11†source】.
  2. Operating System Upgrade: The base system now uses a more recent point on FreeBSD 14-CURRENT【11†source】.
  3. Improved SCTP Support: Enhancements in PF for firewall rules, NAT, and logging, particularly for SCTP packets【11†source】.
  4. OpenSSL Upgrade: A significant jump from 1.1.1t to 3.0.12, bringing major API and ABI changes, and deprecating weak algorithms【15†source】.
  5. Kea DHCP Server: A new, opt-in feature preview for IPv4 and IPv6 DHCP services【11†source】.
  6. NVMe Storage Device Driver Change: The default driver switched from nvd(4) to nda(4), impacting swap configurations【15†source】.
  7. Security Enhancements: OpenSSL 3.0.x no longer supports SHA1 certificates, impacting OpenVPN and other services【15†source】.

Post-Update Steps:

Once updated, perform another backup to ensure your settings are current.

Final Thoughts:

Upgrading your pfSense+ system to version 23.09 is straightforward but requires careful steps. Remember, patience is crucial during the upgrade process for a smooth transition. Enjoy the new features and improved performance!

Cheers to efficient networking,
Knud ;O)

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